Shugyou Shotokan Karate Do

Halifax only club to be affiliated to the British Shotokan Kyogi, JSKA Great Britain and Amateur Martial Association

All club training takes place in our very own fully matted and kitted out dojo just off the centre of Halifax.

Training runs 7 days a week with classes to suit all abilities and ages.

Classes run Monday to Friday evenings plus Saturday and Sunday Mornings.

With Special Tournament Squad sessions every other Saturday afternoon.

All sessions are taught by the Chief Instructor with assistance when required by senior students

Class Timetable

Monday          17:30 Beginners Class:   18:30 Kata Class    

​Tuesday         18:15 Lower Grade Syllabus    19:00 Higher Grade Syllabus   

Wednesday   18:30 Kata & Kumite and Bag Work     

Thursday       18:15 Lower Grade Syllabus    19:00 Higher Grade Syllabus  

Friday           17:30 Beginners Class        18:30 Brown and Black Belt Class 

Saturday       10:00 Beginners Class         (fortnightly Squad Training 16:00)

Sunday         09:30 Ninja Warriors            10:30 Open Mat Training