​6th to 3rd Kyu Grading Sunday 20th March 2016

8th Kyu

Katie Baxter             80%  Merit

Claire O Hara           83%  Merit

Natalie Kaye             83%  Merit

​Joanne Walker         83% Merit

​Tarazzi Chishty        74%  Pass

​Elijah Johnson         73%  Pass

Tom Hogan              73%  Pass​    

9th Kyu

Mathew Link           81% Merit

​Rachel Link            79% Merit

Milo Link                 72% Pass

​Harrison Sykes       89% Merit

Brooke Beaumont  69% Pass

Lewis Freeman      73% Pass

​Ben Coultard          86% Merit

Kwannie Coultard   81% Merit

​Alex Coultard          73% Pass

Ellie Mae Morrison  67% Pass

Kaci Morrison         75% Merit

Tobey Dunne          92% Distinction

6th Kyu

Sam Dunn                 89% Merit

David Holdsworth      93% Distinction

Lance Parker             90% Distinction

​Ian Sutch                   92% Distinction

4th Kyu

Emad Ali             75% Merit

Shahzaib Butt     93% Distinction

​Craig Millward     88% Merit

​9th to 7th Kyu grading Sunday 20th March 2016

3rd Kyu

Joshua Perrett         72% Pass

​Aqib Kamran            83% Merit

5th Kyu

​Noah Whitham           93% Distinction

Grading Tests

Karate belts are used to indicate a student’s graded level.(see grading tab for levels)

Improved karate technique and a deeper knowledge and understanding of the 3 elements of Kihon (basics), Kata (form) and Kumite (sparring) must be demonstrated before the next karate level can be awarded.

To advance to a new karate level, the karate belt holder must undertake a formal test called a karate grading examination. These tests vary depending on the karate level being tested.

 - Minimum time elapsed from last karate grading

 - Consistent training

 - Proficient karate technique

 - Demonstrated progress

 - Approval or recommendation of Instructor(s)

Shugyou follow the grading syllabus of the British Shotokan Kyogi International

To many students Grading day has mixed emotions, firstly the butterflies in the stomach, mixed with the excitement of doing well and reaching their next target on their karate journey.

7th Kyu

Morgan Holdsworth     74%  Pass

Ted Parker                   71%  Pass

​Natasha Parker            73%  Pass

William Bunn                75%  Merit

Amber Fox                    90% Distinction

Jonah Whitham             81% Merit

Sarah Parker                 86% Merit

Clare Phillips                 80% Merit

​Faryaal Ahmed              82% Merit

Grading Results Sunday 20th March 2016

Shugyou Shotokan Karate Do

Halifax only club to be affiliated to the British Shotokan Kyogi, JSKA Great Britain and Amateur Martial Association